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Predictive Maintenance


Everyone knows how time-consuming and costly unexpected equipment failure can be.  That is why Predictive Maintenance is so important.  At Balancing Service Company we can survey one or all aspects of your critical machinery at pre-set scheduled times, be it monthly, quarterly or once a year.  Our surveys include: 

  • Database Setup - We setup a database in our vibration analysis and reporting software. This data is stored permanently for review and future comparison.
  • Data Collection - BSC comes to your plant for machinery vibration data collection. Our technicians perform a thorough mechanical inspection of your machinery at that time.
  • Data Analysis - BSC performs analysis of the vibration data. We have a staff with over 100 years of cumulative vibration analysis experience.
  • Report - BSC provides you an easy to read report with a summary of the findings and specific repair recommendations.

Having repair recommendations can save your company money, help avoid unplanned stops, and expand the life of your equipment.

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