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Take advantage of Training Opportunities being offered by BSC

Unexpected equipment failures are costly.  Performing Vibration Analysis and properly utilizing the data obtained is an effective way to keep your equipment running well now, and in the future.  Vibration Analysis saves money.  Take a look at a few of the training opportunities that Balancing Service has to offer.

Free Introduction to Vibration Analysis Seminar
This one hour technical presentation will give your staff an introduction to vibration based predictive maintenance technology.  We schedule these discussions to coincide with your lunchtime, early morning, or after hours training schedule.

Vibration Analysis System Training
This side by side training will provide your staff with the training and support to start an effective Machinery Vibration Analysis Program.  This training consists of 3 days onsite where a BSC Certified Specialist will walk the plant to show proper data collection techniques.  The specialist will evaluate and assist with setting up your database (resolution, freq. max, alarms, etc).  Once a good database is confirmed he can begin data collection with your personnel.  The BSC specialist will analyze that data side by side with your personnel and provide a written report on the findings to pass to maintenance and/or management.  You will also have the option to add additional onsite days for follow up, BSC phone support and off site analysis as well as optional trainings such as in-place fan balancing and laser shaft alignment.

For a written training proposal please contact us by phone, 800-929-2108, or email

Mobius Institute Educational Software
iLearnVibration and iLearnBalancing provide hours of onsite training on vibration analysis and precision maintenance techniques. The courses are fully narrated and filled with animations and interactive simulators. Quizzes also help you to track how you are going. You can learn at your own pace in your own place! They also provide national certification.


 2012 Equipment Reliability Seminar

Balancing Service Company and Westerberg Associates are conducting training seminars at Idaho State University in Pocatello Idaho.  The Reliability Seminar on September 11th will cover machine reliability from the ground up: including proper grouting, pump selection, bearing seals, laser shaft alignment and vibration analysis.  There will also be a steam fundamentals class, pump fundamentals class and pump rebuilding class on September 12th, 13th and 14th. 

(if you would like more information regarding this upcoming seminar please call Balancing Service)


Employee Spotlight

Patrick Patterson

Hired on May 18th 1992

Tasks: Senior Field Service Specialist, Customer Training, Vibration Analysis, Field and Shop Dynamic Balance, Laser Shaft Alignment, and Predictive Maintenance Programs. 

Patrick TN

Previous Experience:

April 1984 – April 1992 - US Navy Submarine Nuclear Propulsion Plant Supervisor
Performed and supervised all aspects of nuclear power plant maintenance, training and operation specializing in electrical systems.  Platform Noise Monitoring and Sound Silencing Schools.  5 years vibration analysis experience aboard submarines.

BSC Training Experiences:

May 1992: In house balancing system training.  For the first 30 days, all jobs are inspected and assisted by qualified technician.

August 1992: IRD Mechanalysis – Vibration Technology 1.  Basic balancing and vibration analysis, 2 days.

December 1992: In house laser shaft coupling alignment training, 3 days.

August 1993: IRD Mechanalysis – Analysis 1. Predictive Maintenance and Vibration Signature Analysis, 4 days.

March 1994: IRD Mechanalysis – Analysis 2. Predictive Maintenance and Vibration Signature Analysis, 4 days.

September 1998: 16 hours ME scope modal and mode shape analysis training.

September 1999: 8 hours of Odyssey vibration analysis and reporting software training.

September 2000: ENTEK – Analysis 3 predictive maintenance.

October 2003: 8 hours of pumping system assessment training.

September 2004: CSI hardware/software training hours

May 2011: Recertified Vibration Analyst Category II.

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